Medical Center “Aqua-Minsk Clinic”

Medical Center “Aqua-Minsk Clinic” has a wide range of services: health screening, disease prevention and treatment, early detection with the help of laboratory and instrumental investigations.

Our advantages:

Hospital surgery

Minimally invasive surgeries are performed in many branches, such as gynecology, urology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, oncology, general surgery.

Operating rooms have modern equipment. Highly-qualified specialists have huge practical experience in minimally invasive surgeries.

The surgery has comfortable wards for patients to be under medical supervision during 24 hours. Also it is possible for relatives to stay in the Aqua Minsk plus Hotel, which is located on the first and the second floors of the clinic.


Medical Center “Aqua-Minsk Clinic” is one of the few centers in the country to provide distant and contact lithotripsy (breaking urinary tract stones). It is conducted by specialists with the highest and first qualification categories and with huge practical experience of work on modern Dornier Compact Sigma 2019 device.


A wide variety of gynecological surgeries are conducted in Aqua Minsk Clinic: hysteroscopy hysteroresectoscopy, hysterorectomy, laparascopy, laparotomy, gynecological plastic surgeries.

Plastic Surgery

Medical Center “Aqua-Minsk Clinic” performs a wide range of plastic surgeries: blepharoplasty, body lifting, lipophiling, mammoplasty, abdominal plastic surgeries (abdominoplasty), facial and neck, scar deformation and intimate plastic surgeries are also available in our clinic. Highly-knowledgeable specialists guarantee absolutely new modern approach and quality of each surgery.

Orthopedics, oncology and general surgery  

Reperative operations of foot and hand pathology are performed in our clinic. In oncology we provide benign tumor surgery on mammary gland, sectoral resection of mammary gland benign tumor. Hernia surgeries are also available: umbilical, inguinal and others. We use only modern methods of surgical treatment.

Minimally invasive surgeries in the out-patient department

Due to modern equipment minimally invasive surgeries can be performed in the out-patient department: cervical treatment, candyloma removal, skin and soft tissues benign tumor removal, biopsy of mammal gland tumor under ultrasound control, medical procedures in urology, laser phlebology, sclerotherapy  of venis, removal of venis according to Varadi, podology (foot disease treatment)


A wide range of services is performed in dentistry: restorative dentistry, orthopedics with possibility of tooth prosthesis and aesthetic restoration with the help of computer technologies (veneers, inlays, crowns), orthodontics, dental bleaching, oral hygiene, oral surgery. We do surgical procedures with local anesthesia, including tooth removal, oral benign tumor removal, tooth-preserving operations, dental implantations. Due to modern Finnish equipment PLANMECA, use of modern supplies, binocular magnifying optics, surgery microscope, our patients can get highly-qualified dental treatment.


We have a laser treatment room, a cosmetic treatment room and a massage room in our medical center. We perform such services as injection cosmetology and contour correction, mesotherapy, wrinkle correction with botulinum toxin based sample, plasmolifting, laser epilation, facial care and treatment, peelings, photo fractional treatment, skin new formation removal and its histologic examination.

Medical Center “Aqua-Minsk Clinic” has a large diagnostic database to provide complex examination and treatment.

Endoscopic diagnostics

Our clinic performs gastroscopy, colonoscopy under sedation, fibre-optic and rigid endoscopy in otorhinolaryngology, cystoscopy, utereroscopy.

Laboratory diagnostics

You can do general blood test, biochemical blood test, test for the antibodies to the viruses and bacteria, viral load, parasite test, allergy test, urine analysis, test for sexually transmitted diseases, PCR, cancer cell tests and histological analysis.

Ultrasound  Examination on expert class devices

Ultrasound of abdominal cavity organs, kidneys and urinary tracts, thyroid glands, mammary gland, joints, heart and vessels. Ultrasound examination in gynecology including tubal insufflation test, prenatal diagnostics.  Children’s ultrasound (heart, brain, hips, joints, abdominal cavity organs and kidneys, thyroid gland)

Functional Diagnostics


24-hour blood pressure monitoring;

Holter monitoring electrocardiogram

X-Ray diagnostics

General X-ray photography, 3D head X-ray photography (teeth, jaws, skull sinus, 2D X-ray in dentistry)

Medical Directions

In our multipurpose health center you can get a consultation of highly-qualified specialists:

  • endocrinologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • neurologist;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • orthopedic traumatologist;
  • pediatrician;
  • general practitioner;
  • dermatologist;
  • urologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • oncologist;
  • surgeon;

Modern technologies and techniques, highly-qualified medical personnel, comfortable wards for 24-hour stay, reasonable prices – we create the most comfortable conditions of medical assistance.

Medical Center “Aqua-Minsk Clinic” advantages:

  • preparation and registration of necessary documents;
  • support by a personal manager;
  • complete physical examination;
  • 24-hour stay in in-patient care;
  • installment and credit plans are provided;
  • form for incapacity to work;
  • skip-the-line appointments;
  • offers and discounts;
  • saving your time;


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