The core treasures of the human life are health and time. Aqua-Minsk Clinic Medical Center makes every effort to maintain and restore your health and save you precious time. The clinic offers a wide range of services (health checks, disease prevention, and early diagnosis using a battery of laboratory and instrumental studies).


Aqua-Minsk Clinic Medical Center provides services in the following areas: laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics using expert-class equipment, functional diagnostics, X-ray diagnostics, medical appointments, minimally invasive outpatient procedures, inpatient surgeries, plastic surgery, dentistry, and esthetic medicine.

In a multidisciplinary medical center you can have an appointment with highly-speicilized specialists (e.g., endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, ENT specialist, orthopedist, pediatrician, general practitioner, dermatologist, urologist, and gynecologist).

Laboratory diagnostics includes the following tests: CBC, biochemistry, blood tests for antibodies to viruses and bacteria, viruses/viral load, and parasites, allergological tests, urine tests, smears for STIs, PCR as well as screening tests for atypical cells (oncocytology) and histological tests.

At the Aqua-Minsk Clinic, a number of ultrasound examinations is performed: ultrasound of the abdominal organs, kidneys and urinary tract, thyroid gland, mammary glands, joints, heart and blood vessels, neck vessels (BCAs), and limb vessels; ultrasound examinations in gynecology, including the US-guided tubal patency checks, ultrasound in pregnancy (prenatal diagnosis), ultrasound of the heart, brain, and hip joints in children.

At the center, X-ray diagnostics is provided: regular X-ray imaging, 3D radiography of the head (teeth, jaws, and sinuses of the skull), and particularly convenient 2D X-ray diagnostics in dentistry.

Aqua-Minsk Clinic also provides endoscopic diagnostics (gastroscopy and colonoscopy with sedation) and functional diagnostics (ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, and Holter monitoring).

In dentistry, a full range of services is provided, from therapy, orthopedics, and orthodontics to implantation. 3D X-ray diagnostics are carried out right at the dentist’s office using state-of-the-art equipment.

At the Esthetic Medicine Department, a multifunctional multi-module laser system is used. High skills of the doctors allows for provision of both therapeutic cosmetic services and also injection, laser and photo rejuvenation, removal of skin neoplasms as well as laser hair removal.

You can safely trust the doctors working at the Aqua-Minsk Clinic. Through the use of the cutting-edge high-tech equipment and by virtue of the specialist expertise, minimally invasive outpatient procedures using the small punctures are performed at the medical center: cervical treatments, removal of genital warts, minor urological surgeries, laser phlebology, sclerotherapy of veins, vein removal using the Varady’s technique, podology (treatment of foot diseases).

At the inpatient facility of the Aqua-Minsk Clinic Medical Center, surgical interventions are performed, such as hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy/hysterectomy, laparoscopy in gynecology, plastic surgery in gynecology, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy and contact lithotripsy (crushing of urinary tract stones), renoscopy, bladder surgery, and cystoscopy.

At the Aqua-Minsk Medical Center, an entire department attends to the patients with aesthetic and other issues through plastic surgery. Highly skilled specialists perform the face, nose and neck surgery, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, buttock enhancement as well as labioplasty. The surgical hospital is equipped with comfortable rooms for full-time stay. Non-resident and foreign patients and their relatives may stay at the Aqua-Minsk Plus Hotel located on the first and second floors of the building.


The Chief Medical Officer of the clinic Natalya Grigoryevna Mikheyeva is a candidate of medical sciences having more than 30 years of practical experience and true love for her job. She is constantly improving her skills by introducing new effective treatment methods and participoating in international conferences and seminars.

Cutting-edge technologies and techniques, qualified medical personnel, welcoming service, comfortable rooms for full-time stay as well as reasonable prices – the medical center combines everything required for a quality patient examination and treatment. We ensure the most comfortable conditions in order to jointly maintain your health and provide immediate quality medical care in any problems!


Express laboratory and diagnostic department.

Smooth services (daily appointments without queues; call center; an option of applying for an appointment on the website).

Convenient service options (individual visits, comprehensive programs, and special offers).

A comfortable 24/7 surgical hospital. 

A hotel for non-resident patients and medical tourism is available on the first floor of the medical center.


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